About Us

Fresh at the Avenue (F@A) is a social enterprise that brings environmental wellbeing to Central West Baltimore through access to fresh produce at a popular local shopping venue. We are working to change long term individual health outcomes. Empowering and employing local community members by teaching via hands-on experiences the skills to run a commercial enterprise.

Since launching in 2016, it is our mission to improve personal and community health by providing dignified access to fresh, affordable produce, education, and meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities

Working class families who are experiencing food apartheid spending money on locally grown, organic,  minimally processed, and nutrient dense foods making healthy nutritious options an accessible reality  within our communities.

We are located within The Avenue Market, open 2 days a week, with a 20 person dedicated volunteer team, and four core staff members.


Food justice is a holistic and structural view of the food system that sees healthy food as a human right and addresses structural barriers to that right. The movement draws in part on environmental justice, which emerged in the 1980s as a critique of how environmentalism became more mainstream as it became more elite, more white, and more focused on wilderness and scenery than on human communities vulnerable to pollution (the effects of which are at once disparate and racialized)

Food apartheid is “the systematic destruction of Black self-determination to control our food (including land, resource theft and discrimination), a hyper-saturation of destructive foods and predatory marketing, and a blatantly discriminatory corporate controlled food system that results in our communities suffering from some of the highest rates of heart disease and diabetes of all times.” (National Black and Food Justice Alliance)

Food Sovereignty is working class people having access control and power over where their food is coming from, how their food is produced and distrubuted.

Our Hours and Location

The Avenue Market 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

Saturday  | 9:30am – 4pm

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