Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street  has been created to proactively generate the revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue’s commercial and historic districts. Our mission to promote, strengthen and revitalize the commercial district for businesses and residents alike.

Like neighborhoods nationwide, we are experiencing growing pains associated with the economic, political and social pressures of residential expansion and commercial / urban revitalization. Since these pressures affect the entire community, it is essential that we work together and carefully plan for the future.

That is where the Main Street Program can help. The Baltimore Main Streets program’s directive is to provide assistance to communities like ours in planning, designing and managing their physical environment, specifically, vacant buildings, street-scapes, public facilities and open spaces. They then help the community identify proven solutions for the growth-related problems we are now facing. As a Main Street organization, Pennsylvania Avenue businesses and residents alike gain a powerful resource and advocate. And that is something worth embracing.

These are exciting times for Pennsylvania Avenue and we invite you to take part in this renaissance of Pennsylvania Avenue! To succeed, we need you! Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street is seeking members, volunteers and, of course, tax-deductible donations.With your help, we can make Pennsylvania Avenue realize its full potential!